Simply Put, There’s…


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Your pets miss the heck out of you when you’re gone. Why add to their stress by sticking them in an impersonal kennel or boarding facility?

We believe the best thing for your pets when you’re away is to keep things as close to normal as possible — and make sure they get plenty of love and attention in your absence.

Here’s what we offer that kennels don’t:

  • All the comfy, cozy amenities your pets are used to — their own beds, their own toys, their own backyard.
  • The same routine they’re used to. Let us know when they normally get up, eat, potty, etc. and we’ll be sure to keep things the way they’re accustomed to. If they like to snuggle up in bed with you, we’re happy to let them do the same with us. If they love walking a certain route every day, we’ll be sure they “check in” to all the usual hot spots.
  • A whole lotta TLC. Even the best kennels can’t offer your fur babies access to one-on-one pets, play and cuddles whenever they like them. Your pets should feel like they’re getting a fun, relaxing vacation too.
  • Special attention to your pet’s individual needs. Have a senior on medication? An anxious pup who hates thunderstorms? We’ve worked with pets of all temperaments and quirks and can offer personalized care in a way large-scale facilities just can’t.
  • Plenty of updates on how your pets are doing. We offer text or e-mail updates throughout our stay so you can see what your pets are up to.
  • No boxes piled up on your porch when you get home. We leave your home exactly as we found it, of course, but we’re happy to also do small tasks to keep your household running smoothly while you’re away (taking in the mail, taking out the trash, watering plants, etc.).