About Us

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You want someone who will care for your pets like their own, plus have the experience to handle whatever may arise. We are those people.

We are animal lovers with 16+ years of experience sitting and fostering a wide variety of breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments. (Not to mention cats, fish and other small animals.) We’ve fostered more than a dozen dogs through local rescues and the SPCA. With the SPCA, we focused on special-needs dogs through the New Leash on Life program, including those with fearful aggression and those from hoarding situations.

We’ve worked with dogs with anxiety and trust issues, high-energy dogs who need extensive obedience training, dogs from puppy mills and more. In addition, we’ve been pet- and house-sitting since 2000 and have owned plenty of beloved pups ourselves. We have experience with:

  • positive training methods;
  • administering medication;
  • pet first aid/CPR;
  • senior dogs;
  • special-needs dogs; and
  • never, ever tiring of giving belly rubs.

Our service area includes both the North and Southtowns.

Team Members

Kelly Gurnett

Owner & Proprietor

CalKelly’s perfect world would consist of dogs, dogs, and more dogs. She is the #1 ranked Rover.com sitter in her area and has experience with a wide variety of pets from her years as a foster, sitter, and kennel worker. Her specialty is pets who are skittish, shy, or otherwise “quirky.” Her dream is to open up a senior dog sanctuary. If she were a dog, she would be a Shiba Inu.


Ryan Gurnett

Owner & Proprietor

Ryan & BaciRyan isn’t happy unless he has a dog by his side. He is available for full days if your dog can’t be alone for long periods of time or has anxiety. He has fostered over a dozen dogs, giving him working knowledge of many breeds and personalities. His specialty is providing a calm, relaxing environment. His dream is to be a dog masseuse. If he were a dog, he would be an Affenpinscher.